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This is Johns second clip and he chose gary this time. Gary is one of those lads that no matter how hard you hit him his ass never goes red, this was what John saw a challenge. They shake hands and Garys look at the camera says it all ‘ What have I let myself in for here ‘. John starts out with Gary OTK, first on trackies and then on underwear, Gary is already moaning and grabbing his breath through his teeth. OTK bare ass now and Johns style is all his own and the colour is starting to show a little on Garys asbestos ass. John reaches over and grabs the table tennis bat and really cracks that on. The resounding thwacks are matched by moans and gasps from Gary. In a final set OTK John uses a slipper and in his own style has used this OTK group as a warm up to the next three sets. Gary is told to stand and bend over the chair and John grabs the frying griddle and applies that, setting the scene for the next set which is with the leather strap. Gary keeps reaching round and trying to cover his ass and at time stands up and John has to roughly push him back into place. The strap brings a deep red to Garys cheeks, the best colour we have seen him go and brings loud protests as well from the lad. Lastly John uses the riding crop and that finishes the session well. John has managed to bring a flush of colour to this previously colourless lad and smile from Gary atthe end as they shake hands is obviously through gritted teeth.


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