Part 2 of Rickys idea. He particularly wanted to spank David, said he has the best ass for spanking he has seen and he would love to use it in every way. Interesting comment from a straight guy I thought. So he sets about David with the paddle and he is really laying in on nicely. This has the obvious effect and before long David has a mouth full of Ricky and his ass spanked at the same time. Time to change to the strap and that really cracks down hard making Ricky harder of course, so he pauses and fucks David for a while. Then more strap and and more oral pleasures, David is getting a good seeing to, lucky guy. Finally it is too much and Ricky dumps his load over Davids ass and gives it a rub round and a last hard swat withthe hand and leaves him there. No time wasted in the clip, Ricky uses the guy from the start to the finish and the last shot of Davids wet red bum is a classic.

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