Cal goes to the wardrobe looking for his favourite T shirt only to find it missing. He has a shrewd idea where it is and goes in search of his brother, Mik. Arriving in the front room with cane in hand he sees both T-shirt and borrower and is furious. He rants at Mik and drags him OTK and gives him a really good warm up spanking on the jeans. But the cane has been bought for a reason and Cal demands that Mik stands and bends over for a strict caning. Just after he starts there is a call from off camera and the director interrupts the filming saying the cane is not being used right. What follows is an impromptu lesson for Cal in how to use the cane. He is shown how and where to hit and is shown the way to get the best result from using a cane. Mik then has his trousers and underwear lowered and his bare ass gets some tasty strokes of the cane from both teacher and Cal. A final inspection of the stripes that have appeared and cal is left to finish the scene. The cane stokes are well laid on and just when Mik is starting to buckle Cal drags him back OTK for a final hard spanking that really flames his already tender butt.The wailing flailing Mik cries out but his brother is just too strong for him. Cal as a last sting in the tail demands his T-shirt and leaves the room with Mik standing there rubbing his tender butt and sniffling – that will teach him to take things without asking. A clip and a lesson all in one and good to see Cal getting the hang of the cane.

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