Cal is in the shower and his brat brother, Mik, flushes the toilet to make the water temperature change. Not content to do it once he does it a second time and makes Cal leap at the change. He is fed up and comes out the shower, wraps a towel round himself and goes in search of Mik. Finding him he throws the naughty brat into the room and despite Miks protests that it was just a bit of fun Cal is furious and grabs hold of Mik and literally throws him OTK and starts to spank him. On the jeans and on the underwear cal does not pull the swings at all and Mik is howling at Cals handy work. Then the bare ass and look at Cals face and he is relishing the punishment of his brother, no doubt over the years he has built up a list of things that have annoyed him. Something off the account by the looks of it. A final adjust of the very small towel and a stern warning to Mik and cal leaves the room, job done.

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