Craig is in no mood for messing and Cal has upset him. Telling Cal to stand and ‘drop ém ‘ he has the guy OTK and is really laying on the swats. Cals butt is glowing quickly and the red glow is spreading outside his white briefs. Once these are pulled down cals glowing buns get more of the same and even when he tries to protect his rear Craig is too strong for him and holds his hands away from the target area. But those briefs have to go and Cals lovely red ass is soon exposed and getting some attitude adjustment treatment. Craig stops for a moment and Cal stands and has a chance to pull up his underwear, which I am sure is not allowed, but it just a pause as Craig gets a chair and bends Cal over it before laying on the belt and the paddle, with the occasional hand swat as well to keep the guy guessing. Of course the briefs are down and his bare ass gets the paddle cracking down on it. Job done and one well spanked guy standing there rubbing his blistered butt Craig leaves him to it. Cal takes a great spanking right through the clip and his butt is a picture at the end

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