Ricky does not strictly speaking have a bubble butt, but later in the clip it is a butt covered in bubbles. Ricky is home from college and is in trouble already. He is ordered to strip off and get OTK. He gets a good spanking for his misdemeanour’s, both on the tighty whiteys and the bare ass. He has a shapely butt in underwear and it is no wonder we get a lot of requests for him. Once spanked he is sent off to do his studies and have a bath before bed. he does as he is told, for a change, but he over fills the bath with water and bubble bath. While he is relaxing and having a nice time he is unaware that the water is under the door and up the corridor. However, he finds out when the door opens and he is pulled out of the bath and finds himself looking at the carpet, soaking wet and covered in bubbles. This is a spanking that really stings as his ass is wet. A great spanking for Ricky and one he will not forget in a hurry.

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