What is it with these lads and the need to live on a mobile. They loose all idea of time and cost and before they know it they have a huge bill to face. And it is not just a one off it is a regular thing, they never seem to learn. Andrew is one of those lads – to engrossed in his virtual world to realise that the bill appears in the real world. Well he is about to find out the hard way that bills have to to be paid. He is told off in no uncertain terms before he is soundly spanked OTK, he has a lovely little bum and when he clenches it just makes it an even more attractive target. But as this is a repeat offence he has to be shown clearly that this running up of big bills has to stop. So with his bum red from an OTK he is placed kneeling on the sofa, and after watching over his shoulder as the riding crop is collected, gets some tasty strokes to add a little depth to his lesson. But even then this is not enough and he is told to stay still while the paddle is bought into play. This colours him up a treat and really brings home the impact of over spending.

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