Well Philip has made a big impact on everyone, we have had so many emails about him. It seems that a lot of guys think his end in “Philip Paddled to the End” was a fluke, so here is an outstanding clip to prove otherwise. Starting off dropping his trousers for an OTK it is clear that priapic Philip is living up to his name. Then follow a series of spankings with the small wooden paddle, the leather paddle and the ping pong bat. All of which do nothing to dampen his ardor, in fact they seem to make him even more excited. So to the finale, Philip is suspend naked and the strap is bought out to do its stuff. It is just a matter of time before the lad cannot hold himself back any more and he blows his load in spectacular style as the strap whacks his ass. So this proves that he does not need to be OTK in order to fully enjoy his spankings, and Philip is a lad who clearly loves being spanked. A clip to remember and a stunning performance from ever ready Philip.

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