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Sometimes even we are surprised by some of the things models do. So imagine what happened when Jimmy turned up and introduced his uncle. And Uncle Mark then enlightened us to a whole catalog of misdemeanors that young Jimmy has to his name. Mik has been writing out his Christmas letter to Santa but has dropped off for a little nap. In his dream he sees his brother Cal, just out of the shower, getting dressed and putting one of Miks T shirts. Mik comes into the room and catches Cal and demands to know whats going on. Cal is shocked and surprised and has no answers, Mik grabs him by the ear and pulls him down OTK and spanks him hard of the tight white underwear Cal is wearing.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

David is at the pool and having a great time swimming and playing on the water slide. But he forgets the time and turns up late at home to be confronted with a very angry Craig. No messing around David finds himself butt up and getting a spanking hard, the only way Craig knows. Told to drop his trousers and then spanked on his underwear, he has a perfect shaped butt for that. Then on the bare ass which is colouring up really well. But Craig has more in mind and he tells the miscreant to stand in the corner while he leaves the room. Rubbing his hot bum and wondering whats next David must think he needs the cool water of the pool now. Craig returns with a table tennis bat and pulls the lad back OTK for a final set of sound swats. Dropping David to the floor Craig storms out, the lad rolls round on the carpet clutching his glowing bum. Telling the time would be far less painful but these lads never learn

Cal is smoking outside, he gave up the habit years ago but has decided to grab a sneaky smoke. He is enjoying his guilty pleasure when Toby appears and is shocked to see him doing it. He tells Cal that he is going to inform Craig about this as Craig is seriously anti smoking. Angry at the attitude of the guy Cal follows him back into the apartment and drags him OTK.

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