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male spanking
spanking discipline

Playing around in dads workshop is never a good idea at the best of times, but when something goes wrong it just makes things worse. Discarding a scrap of metal breaks a glass panel and attracts the wrong attention. Dragged into the workshop by the ear Conrad finds himself getting a spanking that he rightly deserves.

bare bottom spanking
bare ass spanking

Mik is still watching prohibited things on the net and of course he is caught. But this time he is made to kneel on the coffee table and get a good hard set with the brush. As he is close to being in the zone anyway the spanking takes him him to a whole new level. The harder he is spanked the more excited he becomes until in the end he cannot hold back any more. He said afterwards that it was a great experience and one he never thought would happen to him.

Larry has paid for getting the wrong newspaper and now it turns out he has kept the change. This lad knows how to compound a felony. Not only is he OTK for a great bare ass spanking he is is also made to wait a few moments before bending over the table and getting the strap.

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