The clip opens where we left off on Pauls spanking last week. The policeman sees that Murray has made a dash for it and drops Paul and rushes out the room. Murray is handcuffed and this makes running difficult and the long arm of the law soon catches him, the lad is pinned against the wall of the house and the cuffs are removed only to be reset around a drain pipe to stop him scampering off again. The policeman sets about spanking the restrained lad, first on the tracksuit bottoms then on the underwear, which are soon lowered and Murrays bare ass gets a few good hard swats. The standing position is not so good and the policeman releases the lad and drags him to a wood pile close by and gets him down OTK for a longer spanking. The struggling squirming lad gets a good set before he is chased off of the site, of course while this has been going on its clear that Paul has also scarpered.

preview for update named Paul Drunkpreview for update named Orrins first spank and wank