Mario has had a shower and is showing off his body nicely in a towel as he heads to his room to get some fresh clothes. He finds a T shirt and starts to iron it, his towel falling off at the same time, but the scene is shattered by the arrival of a wet footed Tony who has been at work and come home to a minor flood. He rants about the bathroom carnage and the state of Marios room. The smirk the lad gives him is enough to get him OTK and facing the floor. He gets a good stiff spanking and his muscley butt is soon glowing well. Great when guys colour up fast and Mario really does get a lovely glow going quite quickly. Hoisted up as high as the sofa allows Marios butt is well presented for the spanking he deserves. He takes it well and firms it out to the end. He is told to mop up the bathroom and then come back clean his room, the look on his face has changed from that smirk at the beginning.

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