By popular request here we have Graham OTK…with the brush – Its been a while since we got this out and the boys have been happy at it staying in the cupboard. The lovely effect the swats have is almost instant and Graham bucks and moans as they fall on him cute up turned ass. He struggles and tries to block the blows with his hand and keeps on struggling when held down…He wriggles so much he falls off of the knee, which raises a wry smile, and despite rubbing his sore butt is ordered back for more…..Finally just when he thinks its all over he stands and tends his sore rear end and mutters about the pain…Thats enough to earn him a few extra swats and he is called back for those before being dismissed…..A long time since we saw the brush in action and this makes it well worth waiting for

preview for update named Carpet Beaterpreview for update named Svens Spank and Wank