Coach Cal 4

Mark is just about to have a shower when coach comes in and bawls him out for being slow in his training. Coach Cal is not a man to let down and he gets Mark OTK and teaches him a lesson in [...]

Ricky up to mischief

A quiet afternoon relaxing, well thats what was planned and it looks for once if Ricky is behaving himself. When he is asked to make a cup of tea he does so without any problem. When he sits down [...]

Coach Cal 3

Coach seems to have some difficult students to deal with. Now it appears that Mark is also late, which is never the best way to start a training session. But coach is prepared and has a paddle [...]

A blue day

Philip in his pale blue boxers look sweet and innocent, far from the truth as he is a mischievous lad and always up to no good. Thats why as he relaxes he finds himself getting the belt for being [...]

wash your mouth out

Ricky is asked to a simple task but he is in a surly mood and relies with an expletive. Rather than just grab a hold of him and spank him there is a pause as a bar of soap is found and shoved in [...]

Connor made a mistake

Connors mistake was making Ricky wait, he has a short fuse at the best of times and this has triggered him. He drags the bemused Connor OTK and pays into his ass. A good start on his jeans as a [...]

Arthur gets the carpet-beater

A requested clip with Arthur. Marched in naked and told to kneel on the couch Arthur finds out about the carpet beater. A classic item to spank with and effective in many ways. The colour of his [...]

Coach Cal 2

Philip has tried his best at training, mainly because he was spanked for being late arriving, but it is not good enough. He is just stripping off for a shower when coach comes in and tears him [...]


Simply because he needs it, a good enough reason to spank any lad. Especially one with a super little ass for spanking like Ricky. OTK his butt looks great in jeans, in underwear even better and [...]

Leon Paddled

This is a request clip from one of our Antipodean clients. Leon is called in wearing only his underwear and goes OTK. The hand spanking is a warm up for what follows. What follows is a set with [...]

Move it

Cal tells the two lads to get on and move the furniture around, he is a trusting soul and leaves them to get on with it. Being lads they decide not to do anything at all. But somehow the [...]

Ricky Belt

Late home from uni and in trouble, a pretty normal state of affairs for Ricky. He is not happy at having to drop his trousers and bend over the desk, he forgets to pull down his briefs as well [...]