Alexei is one of those lads that no matter what you do he is always smiling….What is a surprise is that not only is he smiling at the start of the clip he is smiling as he walks away at the end. When you see the set with the tawse, which would be enough for most lads, you see a good hard tawse set….But he goes straight into the set with the cane…His ass covered in stripes and red already…..The cane is applied hard as well as you can see form the pictures…..At the end he stands and rubs his sore butt and then smiles as he walks away…..We will have to see what we can do int he future to break this lad……A great hard double spanking of a good looking tough lad.

preview for update named Ethan Paddlepreview for update named Simon Spank And Wank